Legal Notice

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All trademarks, marketing rights, product details and information belonging Sanicare AB and Sanicare Direct unless otherwise stated and may only be used after approval by us. The following brands are trademarked under the law.

  • Sanicare
  • Saniform
  • Saniline
  • Sanisoft
  • Absorba

Legal Notices

Sanicare Sanicare AB and AB's subsidiary Sanicare Direct working on the principle that all information about products and services must be relevant in their context. Sanicare AB can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information. It applies to all information as text, graphics, links or anything else that can be part of this information. Sanicare has the right to at any time and without notice change the content or the products described in it. Our aim is obviously to our information on the website is correct and updated. We can not accept responsibility for the technical limitations or other problems that we can not affect or happen without our knowledge. If you feel that certain information be inaccurate, or otherwise offensive, please contact us via email or telephone. We take no responsibility for the links and references to other websites.

Personal Information

Sanicare AB and its subsidiary Sanicare Direct's goal is that all personal data which are known in the context of your / your order for goods or other form of treatment so you can rest assured that privacy is respected and that personal data is handled with caution.

Sanicare AB and its subsidiary Sanicare Direct application and follow the Privacy Act 1998:204. Privacy Act governs the processing of personal data.

Personal data, including data such as names and addresses that you supply to Sanicare AB and / or Sanicare Direct can be processed and stored by us to satisfy your need for our services, products or services. Abandoned personal information is used only in order to provide you with the information and services you request as well as for marketing the companies' own products.

Sanicare AB and / or Sanicare Direct can provide your name, email address, telephone number and / or address to third parties such as post office or any of our distributors to ensure you can get our products or offers on our products. The information provided does not move outside the circle and the purpose described above.

According to the Privacy Act, you are entitled to access and correct your personal information. Sanicare AB and / or Sanicare Direct will respect that right, as far as possible in order to comply with the above law. This page contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content of linked websites, nor for their processing of personal data. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, please contact us.