Saniform Herrskydd Universal

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Saniform Herrskydd Universal - 2710
Saniform Herrskydd Universal box - 2710

Men Protection suitable for small to large leakages. Discreet, ultra-thin and highly absorbent. Line of glue for fixation. Should be fixed with a steady fixation pants or tight-fitting underwear. Saniform Men Protection keeps distracting odors at bay. The protection is covered with a fabric that makes non-woven protection soft and comfortable.

In the surface layer is a diffusion layer which is to spread the liquid and keep the surface dry. At the head is highly absorbent material that soaks up and binds the liquid effectively.

Sanicare art nr 2710
Number of products/box 160st
Length 15,5cm
Abs capacity performed at accredited labs Yes
Clinical trials conducted Yas
Absorption capacity ISO 11948-1 345g
Absorption material Thermo-bound chemical pulp with SAP
Surface Non-woven polypropylene
Optional finishes Polyester
Plastic Polyethylene
Superabsorbent 5,9g
Latex free Yes
User manual Yes


Saniform herr nr. 1-5 20201022.pdf813.59 KB

Preis: SEK 749,00

Preis ohne MwSt.: SEK 599,20

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